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What Do You Love About Your Subaru Seattle?


I know I appreciate the safety of all 5 of our Subaru’s, the ability to go where I want regardless of the weather.  This winter, in Seattle proved to be the perfect time to own a Subaru and how smart did you look if you owned one.

I enjoy the utility of my Outback, my wife loves her Forester, and we both have fun with the WRX.

The 1992 Legacy won’t die and even survived my hydrogen boost project.

We see many Subaru owners from all different walks of life at the shop; I talk to many people all over the country (sometimes I am surprised where the calls and emails come from) and we have learned that through the good and bad there is always one or many reasons people love there Subaru.

What do you love about your Subaru?


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  1. I LOVE my 2002 Outback! Especially this winter when my housemate had to park a mile away from our home and walk due to relentless ice and snow pack. We live in rural east king county (she had a volkswagon jetta) and I drove to the house every day! Go Outback go. Thanks to the folks at AWDA, for keeping her in tip top shape. PS My housemate just bought a 1995 Legacy! Way to go girl… Yay another convert.

  2. I just love the feel of our 2000 Outback wagon. I have discribed it as the feel of a “Heavy Sportscar”. After 9 years we finally had to take it in for Head gaskets. I change the oil @2500mi., and will start changing antifreeze EVERY year vs. every two. I was almost pleased to pay the bill for the head gaskets after 9 years of no professional service. What a car. Smoooooth…

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