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Who Is All Wheel Drive Auto?

Who is All Wheel Drive Auto? All Wheel Drive Auto is two life long friends, their families and you the customer.

Justin and Randy grew up in the Kirkland area and both graduated from the North Shore Automotive Technology program at Bothell high school. Justin attended Universal Technical Institute in Phoenix, Arizona, while Randy served his country in the Army motor pool. And have virtually worked together ever since.

Justin left the dealer in 2000 to work at another independent Subaru repair shop in the Seattle area & after 3 years there he talked Randy into leaving the dealer & joining him.

In 2006 they decided to use there combined almost 40 years of experience, and bring it the Eastside area where their automotive roots were planted. Dealer/Factory trained, A.S.E. Master Technicians, Justin & Randy will always go the extra mile to provide their customers with the highest level of automotive service excellence possible.

Passionate about The environment, All Wheel Drive Auto practices Clean Car Care. This means as a customer you can rest assured that any and all repairs and service are done in ways to limit the impact on our environment. From recycling oil, coolant and filters to reducing paper waste and most importantly educating the customer on how the proper maintenance of their vehicle can reduce the emissions it produces.

Our philosophy at All Wheel Drive Auto is to provide you and your Subaru or Japanese import with the best possible service we can every time you bring it in.


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  1. Justin found your explanation concerning Subaru head gaskets very informative and helpful.. Iam considering buying a new 2015 Outback with the 6 cylinder … Any issues with this engine ?? Or would you recommend the 2.5??

    Thanks Steve

    1. Hi Steve,

      I drive a 2012 with the 3.6l, I think its a great way to go.

      The 2015 H6 should get better fuel economy then the 2010 to 2014 in the prior platform.

      I do caution however that 2015 is a model refresh and I generally like you to wait until the second year of a new model or refresh of an existing. I realize that’s not always possible just general advice and I still think you will be fine with a 2015, just might be in for software bugs and recalls here and there that will all be worked out by 2016.

      I hope that helps


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