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Is Your Subaru Ready For Winter?

Winter will be here sooner than we know.If winter is like last year in the Seattle area your Subaru will need to be ready to get you around.Go into winter this year confident your Subaru will get you there and back .

All Wheel Drive Auto can help prepare your Subaru for any weather the Great North West can through at it.

Don’t go into winter unprepared !

Your Subaru pre-winter check list.

Coolant level, condition, and freeze protection level.As well as condition of belts and hoses.

Engine oil level, and condition.

Transmission and differential fluid levels, and condition.

Tire tread levels, pressure and do you have the need for tire chains.Better yet do you know how to put them on?

Wiper blade condition, and windshield washer fluid with freeze protection. 

Try to keep your Gas tank full as much as possible ahead of any weather event predictions(not that they predict snow with much accuracy around here) But they do try. 

All Wheel Drive Auto can help you and your Subaru through winter this year. 

Because you and your Subaru deserve the best !


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  1. These guys are great.It is truly great to have Subaru experts on the Eastside.
    They saved me a ton of money vs the Dealer.And there service was super.

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