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Seattle Subaru Spring Brake Service Special.

Seattle Subaru Spring Brake Service Special.

Your brakes are important, and as we head into spring and eventually into the summer driving season. Living in and around the great city of Seattle and its many hills its easy to recognize just how much we use and rely on our brakes. But we often see customers live to long with brake symptoms that may be decreasing the overall efficiency of the braking system in your Subaru. Stopping two or three inches sooner is sometimes the difference between having an accident and not having one. 

Chances are you bought your Subaru because it’s one of the safest vehicles produced. Keeping it’s safety features operating at there optimum is just as important as the decision to own it. If it has been longer than 6 months since your brakes were inspected it is probably a good time to have the brakes checked. Be sure to be aware of any brake symptoms such as a vibration while applying the brakes, or any abnormal noises or sensations. Brakes that are not stopping the car smoothly may not be working to there full potential and your safety is just to important to go unchecked.

At All-Wheel Drive Auto we believe in performing brake service the right way, which starts with a complete brake system inspection, including a discussion about how your Subaru is used and what type of terrain it is driven in. Most of the time we will use O.E. Subaru parts when servicing your brake system, but there are some circumstances when using a good quality aftermarket set of brake pads may be a better alternative, such as a set of pads with a higher ceramic content than the original pads.

On average a Subaru Outback say from 1996 to 2004 with an automatic transmission will go through its front brakes any where from as early as 20,000 miles to 40,000 and its rear brakes every 50,000 to 70,000 miles. If your Subaru has a manual transmission you probably wont need brakes done as often, but as they say “actual results may vary”. Also if you have a Forester or Impreza your brakes should last a little longer as well.

From now until the end of April we will offer a free brake inspection with any other service we provide. As well as offer 10% off of brake service from now until the end of April as well. Start spring out right, start spring out safe.


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