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Subaru Service Information; Why Won’t The Fuel Filler Door Open In My Subaru?

It’s Friday night,  on your way home from a Seahawks game, in a heavy downpour (why wouldn’t it be raining – it is Washington) , and your fuel warning light pings on stating “LOW”. You swing into your local gas station, open your door, pull your fuel door release, and get out of the car, only to discover that the door has opened. So you go back into your car, pull the lever again; still nothing! 

Why isn’t the fuel filler door opening in my Subaru, and how do I get it open?

Well, on certain Subaru models,  a TSB (technical service bulletin) has been released regarding an updated design change to the fuel filler door saucer. The TSB # is 09-61-15R, and effects 2015-2016 Legacy and Outback Models. 

The bulletin includes the part numbers 51478AL00C (Outback Models), 51478AL01C (Legacy Models), and a new fuel label, 10024AA080. 

Subaru has updated the fuel filler door (saucer) assembly, in which the striker portion’s shape has been improved ( see images below). This striker is the part that keeps the fuel door held closed. Subaru has also improved the physical type of plastic material used in the construction of the part. 

Here is an image of your Subaru Fuel Door TSB update

Just for clarity, the painted portion of your fuel filler door gets removed from the saucer and transferred over to the new one. The saucer is the physical surround that gets inserted over the fuel filler neck.


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  1. The fuel door on my wife’s 15 Outback was not releasing. I tried all the little tricks listed about lubricating the hinges and latch. It helped, but did not fix it. The cable is not adjustable from what I can tell. I was thinking, what else could cause the release pin not to retract fully. I took the cover off of the inside lever and looked. The area was not really dirty, but decided to vacuum it anyway. The latch started working. I’m now thinking the the problem was there. I think either some kind debris was caught between the lever, or the lever cover was restricting it’s movement.

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