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Subaru Eyesight
Subaru Eyesight


As with any new technology there will always be things that are not known by many until stumbled upon on accident.  Such is the case with repairing rock chips on newer Subaru models equipped with Subaru’s new feature Eyesight ®.  This is not the entire windshield mind you, but just a portion of the windshield outlined in the TSB  from Subaru included with this post.   Most drivers would never dream of taking their Subaru to the Subaru dealer for a rock chip repair and I would also advise against it based on price and value, not to mention that most dealers don’t offer that service anyways.

This is an example of information needing to be much more transparent then it is, as such I wanted to make it available as soon as I was aware.

There are TSB’s explaining what areas of the windshield can be repaired and more importantly which parts of the windshield can’t be without interfering with the Eyesight camera system.  A rock chip and rock chip repair can cause unintended feedback as the system uses whats called a “stereo camera system” and an obstruction to one side but not the other could cause a malfunction to the system.

I have posted a TSB that explains in detail the areas that are not to be repaired as well as Subaru stating that at this time only a genuine Subaru windshield should be used.  I have only posted one of many TSB’s, this one pertains to the 2014 Forester, but this applies to all Subaru models equipped with Eyesight.


Subaru Eyesight TSB

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