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Used Subaru’s For Sale

We often come across Subaru’s that the current owner is ready to part ways with, we refer those drivers to a used car lot we work with. There is a different story to each of them. We have a solid fleet of loaner cars that used to belong to customers that decided to not make a major repair of some type or were just ready to move into a  new Subaru.


If you, or someone you know is in the market for a great used Subaru, I would encourage you to give AWD Auto Sales a try  Keep checking in with them, as your next Subaru may be just around the corner.  We are separate companies, but at least most of the cars out there for sale we have inspected and or made repairs, each car is different and you would want to check with them on any individual Subaru you may be considering.

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  1. looks like none of your customers are parting with their cars!
    Looking for 2003-2004 imprenza or Legacy non turbo. Or older if YOU have replaced the head gasket. 😉

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