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What To Do if Your Car Is Flood Damaged.

Wow we have had some awful weather lately. We hope everyone is safe.

If you or someone you know has a car involved in the flood, here are some tips that will help you avoid a bigger problem.

If there is any chance that the engine has ingested any water at all it must not be started until the water is drained from the motor. Next it is very important to try and dry moisture from any and all electrical engine control components prior to starting the vehicle as well as removing moisture from the distributor (if equipped). The transmission and differential fluids should be drained and serviced as well to prevent failure as a result of water. The engine air filter should be removed and inspected and most likely replaced as well.

The interior of the vehicle must be allowed to dry out and this may include removing the seats and carpet and removing all moisture to prevent mold from growing. Depending on what year the vehicle was produced it may have numerous, and expensive control modules that need to have moisture removed from them as well. Not to mention miscellaneous switches and relays as well. The more you can dry out these electrical items the better chance you have of salvaging them.

A few driving tips. Even if you drive a Subaru with All Wheel Drive, approach any standing water on the roadway with caution, take it slow. Driving through water at to fast of a rate of speed is typically how excessive water is ingested into an engine which will damage the motor very quickly. Remember we’re not talking about fording a river that is running swiftly we are only talking about standing water on a road way, you wont float away. In the event you are approaching a stream or river of running water over the road way, unless you are experienced and comfortable driving through it it’s probably better to drive around it, if possible.

If you are in the market for a used car, be extra careful in the next few months that the prospect car wasn’t involved in the floods.

Justin Stobb

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